Drakes Pride Conquest

The CONQUEST is a mid-range bowl which has a trajectory that possesses extraordinary accuracy on all types of green surfaces offering predictability together with a flat finishing line.

Suited to all types of greens & all green speeds the CONQUEST is the complete all round bowl. 

It stability & predictability along with a flat finish that holds a consistent line on weighted shots will have you playing like never before.

Features Include and are not limited to comprise of:

– Innovative technology engineered to suit all Australian conditions.

– Consistent & reliable line designed to perform well on all speeds of greens and for players in any position.

– Suitable for all types of grass & synthetic greens

– Excellent reaction in Windy Conditions

– Unique optimum shape & comfortable feel in the hand

– Possesses the ability to draw around or under short bowls, yet still hold a great line with weighted shots



Although Drakes Pride offer a large range of bowls colours, we have added another four new colours. These new and exciting colours are called the “Harlequin Range”.

The HARLEQUIN RANGE have an exciting colour speckle through four new based colours which are Grey, Purple, Sky Blue & Mint colours.

These new colours compliment our existing colour range which are as follows:

All these colours are available in all size bowls except for size 5 bowls.

Size 5 bowls are only available in Maroon Red Speckled & Dark Green Light Green Speckled.



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