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akes Pride Bowling arm

The Bowling Arm

Approved by Bowls Australia

You can order TheBowlingArm direct from the manufacturer or your nearest bowls shop.

TheBowlingArm is available in 4 sizes: extra short, short, medium & long with either a palm or thumb release and 18 different colours.

Bowlers can now order TheBowlingArm in their favorite colour or club colours by phoning 03 5332 3799 or emailing david142@bigpond.com

AVAILABLE COLOURS:    Original Cream

BLUE RANGE: French Blue, Blaze Blue, Pommel Blue, Space Blue, Navy.

GREEN RANGE: Mistletoe, Classic Hawthorne Green.

RED RANGE: Signal Red, Flame Red, Wineberry, Claret.

YELLOW RANGE: Lemon Yellow, Safety Yellow, Orange.

OTHER RANGE: Dark Violet, Copper Pearl, Anodic Bronze Pearl, Transformer Grey.






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