We at the Complete Bowls Specialists Trade bowls on new sets, so as they are traded to the shop, we will put  them on the website for you as soon as possible.

In stock: as at 20th April 2016

Brand Style size Grip Colour Stamp Price
Drakes Pride Excel 4H Grip Blue Blue 20 $270
Drakes Pride Conquest 3H Grip Blue Red 23 $380
Drakes Pride Excel 3H Grip Orange Yellow 20 $320
Drakes Pride Conquest 1H Grip Magenta Red 23 $400
Henselite  Dreamline XG 4H Grip Purple White 22 $340
Henselite  Dreamline XG 4H Grip Purple White 21 $360
Henselite  Dreamline XG 4H Grip Green Green White 21 $300
Henselite  Dreamline   4H  Grip Planet Earth 19 $280
Henselite  Dreamline XG 1H  Grip Galaxy Green 22 $300
Aero Turbo Pro 3H Dentation Demon 24 $380
Aero  Turbo Pro 3H Plain Yellow Orange 21 $300
Aero  Dynamic 2H Dentation Jazz 22 $300
Taylor SRV 4H Plain Maroon Red 25 $430
Taylor SRV 4H Grip Maroon Red 24 $400
Taylor Redline SR 4H Grip Magenta Pink 21 $320
Taylor SRV 3H Grip Flame 23 $380
Taylor SRV 2H Grip Purple Silver 25 $430