The Fusion bowl is the perfect solution. You’ll find that Fusion:

  • Follows a trajectory and finish into the head that is ideally suited to ‘free running’ greens.
  • Uses the bowl’s own mass to give it the stability & predictability of a wider bias bowl, yet meets the demands of today’s bowlers and a variety of playing surfaces where a flat finishing line is imperative.
  • Provides ultimate hand comfort, resulting in bowl control and consistent delivery suits bowlers playing in all positions - lead, second, third or skip.
  • Holds a consistent line on weighted shots, a key to successful shot conversions.
  • It is a stable bowl with a flat finish, one that will stay with the jack on weighted shots.
  • Has a functional grip with a greater gripping surface area for a range of hand positions. This versatile grip will suit your hand no matter how you choose to hold the bowl.


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Available in Plain or gripped